Venture Builders, Inc

My clients are differentiated in multiple ways from their competitors and they deliver to their markets a high level of value.  As a result, the question of how much they charge becomes secondary.  Prospective clients will often want to hire them, no matter what their fees are.


I have been working with John Rodolff of Venture Builder, Inc. for about six months.  In the time that we have been working together, John has taught me how to deal with difficult business decisions such as hiring and firing employees, how to market my business and when to let certain clients go.  The confidence I have gained and the lessons I have learned from working with John are priceless.  My business has a new image and it’s one of thorough professionalism, which gives me a competitive advantage when meeting prospective clients.  I’ve also met and worked with some of John’s other clients, in various fields, and one thing we all agree on is that we are a cut above our competition!

Amy Yordt, President
Cross Accounting, Inc.

John is one-of-a-kind.  The methods, skills and strategies he uses are unique, ethical and have proven to be effective in growing my business.  Words cannot express my appreciation for his guidance over the past year.  As a new business owner, I had to start with the basics.  John has been very patient, as he taught me new skills.  Together, we have transformed my company, which would not exist now, if it were not for his welcomed intervention.  He’s intuitive, focused, adds humor to the challenges, and is fabulous to work with.

Connie Sasaki, Principal
Biz Connections

I’ve been working with John Rodolff for several months now. In that time he has helped me understand my role as a business owner. My natural inclination is to “sell” my services. With John’s tutelage I am learning that “my way” is not the most effective for long-term business success. With steady progression, John’s methods are engraining themselves into my day-to-day dealings. His expertise and personal attention have helped me advance strategically.

John gives me guidance…and he gives me referrals.  His referrals are solid, based on careful examination, and have resulted in clients.  Working on my business is important.  Working efficiently and building a solid foundation is crucial—I feel I’m doing that with John’s guidance.

Joan Bonetti, Principal
Bella Decorative Arts


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