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Everything professionals say, write, and do—and everything they don’t say, don’t write, and don’t do—either contributes to or detracts from their image in the marketplace.


With a focus on business development for professionals, I consult with you on the activities that connect you with your target market (Referral Network Development).  But because any aspect of your business can have an impact on those activities, my consulting work includes those aspects as well (Business Planning, Operations Consulting, Writing).  If you want to learn the essentials of my proprietary BizBuilder System™, the Quick-Look Business Development Package will enable you to learn the essentials in a short period of time.


Many professionals, although credentialed and skilled, either don’t know how to grow revenues—they sit back and wait for business to come to them—or they look at what their competitors are doing and then do the same.

Neither of these approaches is advisable.  “Build it and they will come” does not work well for professionals, for even they have to market.  And copying what their competitors do misses an opportunity to differentiate their practices and leads them into such questionable marketing strategies as cold-calling and soliciting their clients for referrals.

An alternative to those approaches is my permission-based BizBuilder System™.  My System can become the primary marketing strategy for any professional.

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When guiding clients through the BizBuilder System™, I come to know many aspects of their businesses and I often assist them in addressing a wide variety of issues.  This is not unexpected, since every part of a professional practice has to be oriented toward building the image of the business and growing revenues.

Whether the issue is a matter of the back office or front office, customer service or service line development, associate relationships or business processes, marketing materials or strategic planning, all have to be aligned in order to reach the firm’s main goals.

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This package of four 90-minute, one-on-one sessions provides an overview of my proprietary BizBuilder System™.  Professionals learn how to get started on building their own personal network of business people with whom they form productive referral partnerships.

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