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Many professionals go to networking events wanting to find a new client or to start a relationship with someone who later, they hope, will become a client.  The BizBuilder System™ gives professionals an entirely different reason for going to those events.


The Challenge.
Every professional needs to generate revenues in order to build a successful practice, but many do not know how to do it effectively.  That’s not surprising.  For although they are specialists in their industry—the law, accounting or design, for example—they typically are not experts in the business of growing their practices.  So what are they to do?

The Solution.  I have developed a proprietary, permission-based system, the BizBuilder System™, which shows professionals how to get more clients.  The BizBuilder System™ is a structured system that provides professionals with an alternative to such commonly used methods as cold calling and soliciting referrals from their clients.  It consists of dozens of tools and techniques that enable professionals to build a network of other professionals with whom they form a reciprocal referral relationship. The network is not a membership referral organization.  It is a personal business network that is specific to each professional.  When properly executed, it becomes an asset of their practice and a competitive advantage.

The tools and techniques in the system work at both strategic and tactical levels.  At the strategic level, BizBuilder™ has processes that professionals use to differentiate themselves in multiple ways from others in their industry.  Differentiation is critical because professional services in most industries are commodities.  And when purchasers see no significant difference among the providers, they tend to choose based on price.  BizBuilder™ also has processes for developing a comprehensive communications program to stay in regular contact with members of the professional’s own referral network.

At the tactical level, BizBuilder™ provides step-by-step guidance on how to build the network, how to maintain it, and how to make it productive.  These procedures range from a method for evaluating organizations where the professional might meet potential referral partners, to rules for business meetings, and methods for pre-qualifying, qualifying and educating referral partners.


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