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The BizBuilder System™ is not about networking, which in most cases is aimless and a waste of valuable time; it’s about building a referral network.  Nor is the BizBuilder System™ about building a membership organization, which would be expensive (when you consider the time involved) and exclusionary.  It’s about building a personal network that has multiple professionals from industries that have the same target market as you do.


The Quick-Look Business Development Package consists of two main components.  In Part I: Identifying Your Competitive Advantage(s), you learn how to answer the question “Why should a prospective client choose you rather than a competitor?”  In Part II: Building Your Own Business Referral Network, you use the outcomes from Part I to start building your personal network of other professionals who will refer you business opportunities.

In Part I, you work through structured processes to identify your unique assets (your strengths); to understand your target market from the inside; and to learn how to create values that your market wants and that you alone can deliver to it.  By working through these strategic issues, you will develop competitive advantages that set you apart from your competitors.  These differentiators will provide the foundation for all of your business development efforts.

In Part II, you learn how to communicate in speech and in writing why a prospective client would want to work with you, irrespective of how much you charge.  With that knowledge, you set about populating your network with other professionals who connect with your target market and with whom you can form reciprocal referral relationships.  The BizBuilder System™ provides you with guidance in how both to pre-qualify and to qualify candidates for your personal network.  Finally, you learn tools and techniques to apply in five key areas so that your network becomes a productive source of referrals.


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