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“Thank you for inviting me to your presentation.  It was insightful watching your deliberate and systematic approach open the eyes of trained professionals into rethinking the value they provide to their customers, and how to use that value to differentiate themselves from the competition.  It was apparent they needed the insight (despite being experts in their fields).”

Duane Saucier, President
Saucier Solutions, Inc
Commenting on my presentation to
the San Diego Chapter of the
Institute of Management Consultants


I am available to speak to professional organizations and to companies.  Examples of some places where I have been a speaker include: the National Association of Professional Organizers in San Diego, Discovery Bank, Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce Workshops, and CalCPA's Accounting Day in San Diego.  Presentations are typically interactive and handouts are provided so that attendees can follow along and take notes.  The following topics can be customized to the interests of particular audiences.

1. HOW TO BUILD A PRODUCTIVE REFERRAL NETWORK.  Are you looking for an alternative to cold-calling?  One that doesn’t tell you to turn your clients into marketers for your business?  Learn how to use the Market Centric Referral Model™ to find referral partners and learn how to implement permission-based principles to get business opportunities from your referral network.  Hear challenging insights on some common, but mis-guided, assumptions about networking.

2. GAINING A COMPETITIVE EDGE.  What makes your business unique?  Is it your customer service?  Your expertise?  Your years in the business?  But wait.  Isn't that just what your competitors say about themselves?  Learn how to differentiate yourself by identifying a target market, by really understanding it, and by delivering values that it recognizes and wants to have.

3. HOW TO CREATE ENTERPRISE VALUE: CASE STUDIES.  Most professional service providers have only their book of clients to sell when they want to retire.  So the challenge is how to create assets in their practice that go beyond the book of clients.  Real-life examples, from my own experience with clients, illustrate strategies that have actually been used not only to add other types of assets to a professional practice, but to grow revenues as well.

4. EFFECTIVE BUSINESS WRITING.  When we write, we want to communicate; but many business people find writing difficult.  Learn how to write for the audience; how to write with purpose; how to write clearly; and how to write economically.

5. PLANNING THE FUTURE OF YOUR BUSINESS.  Most professionals, in their eagerness to get clients, start marketing right away.  They develop a web site, produce flyers or brochures, and go to lots of networking events.  As they rush to market, they leave unanswered the hard questions that need to be answered first, if they are going to grow their business.  What exactly is their target market?  What is their value proposition?  What is their sustainable competitive advantage?  Learn how to answer these questions—and how not to answer them.


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