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All the activities of a professional service firm have to be aligned for revenue growth, but its primary driver must be something other than simply making money.  Of course, we are all in business to make money; but if making money is our primary driver, we will be led into such questionable actions as reducing the value we deliver to clients, failing to offer them true value-adds, and using marketing tactics that are abusive or lack permission.


Revenue Stimulus Plan.  In response to the current challenging economic environment, I have created a Revenue Stimulus Plan for clients who have been working with me for more than six months.  In this plan, I charge those clients only for face-to-face meetings and not for work that I agree to do in my office.  This work for clients includes such tasks as determining the feasibility of a client’s targeting a new industry cluster; writing/revising the text for a client’s web site; and assessing the likely effectiveness of a marketing tactic that a client is considering.

San Diego Business Roundtable.  Venture Builder, Inc. has formed a strategic alliance with Tools for the Capitalist, LLC, a marketing firm, and H.R. Servs., Inc., an employee leasing firm.

Together, we founded the San Diego Business Roundtable and created a series of three innovative workshops: interactive forums where small business owners can gain the practical skills and knowledge that will enable them to succeed.  The workshops focus on the following, inter-related areas, which are critical for any business.

  1. A strategic vision that drives all of the company’s activities
  2. The infrastructure needed to execute the vision
  3. The branding that enables the company to capture market share

The Roundtable is a resource for banks, law firms, accounting practices, chambers of commerce, and professional associations that want to host workshops for the benefit of their clients, prospects, and other business associates.  The workshops benefit the attendees, who learn practical skills that they can apply immediately, and the hosting organizations, who can use them both as a client retention tool and as a business development tool.  The workshops are complimentary to the hosting organizations and to attendees.

Speaking Engagement.  I recently gave a presentation in the Small Business Seminar Series offered by KCB Accounting & Liberty Tax Service in San Diego.  The topic was “How to Gain an Edge Over Your Competition.”  Examples from my own experience illustrated how my proprietary MarketEdger™ Model can be used to develop competitive advantages for any professional service firm.


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