Venture Builders, Inc

My practice is principle-driven.  I strive to follow, in all my activities, my fiduciary duty, the policies that follow from that duty, and the principle of permission-based business development efforts.


My practice is governed by the Principle of Fiduciary Duty: the duty always to place my clients’ interests above my own.  The concept of fiduciary duty is familiar in the legal and financial services industries.  As a business consultant, I am not required by government regulation or by the ethical standards of my profession to exercise fiduciary duty.  Nonetheless, it is the governing principle of my practice.  From this principle follow several important Policies for Doing Business that help define my practice.


  1. Clients not Marketers.  I do not solicit referrals from my clients.  Nor do I use more subtle methods to plant in their minds the idea that they should give me referrals.  For if I did any of these things, I would be placing my own interest in getting more business above the interests of my clients.
  2. No Clients in Competition.  I do not take on a new client who is in competition with an existing client, as that would be placing my own interest above my obligation to protect and grow my client’s business.
  3. The Value Imperative.  I accept new clients, and continue working with existing clients, only when I clearly perceive how I can deliver significant value to them. 
  4. No Monster Marketing Claims.  In marketing my practice, I do not issue unrealistic promises in the hope of gaining new clients.  So I will not, for example, claim to be able to “catapult your revenues through the roof” or “create a million dollar business for you.”
  5. No Commissions.  I do not accept cash or other benefits from third parties that I recommend to clients, as accepting a benefit would create a conflict between my interest and my client’s interest.


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