Venture Builders, Inc

In business, as in sports, nothing can replace confidence.  My clients acquire the confidence they need

  1. to gain control over their practices,
  2. to achieve favorable outcomes in negotiations,
  3. to walk away from potentially lucrative but “bad-fit” business opportunities, and
  4. to out-perform their competition.

My practice is differentiated in significant ways from those of my competitors.  The differentiators are reasons why a professional would choose to work with me.

  • Proven, Proprietary Methods.  I use my own, original methods, customized to my target market of professional service providers, to grow my clients’ practices.  Venture Builder is not a franchise and I do not license, borrow, or copy any material from anyone else.  Clients use my proprietary BizBuilder System™ to build a personal referral network that is their primary revenue generator.  By applying the methods in that system, my clients typically achieve annual revenue increases that range from 40% to more than 170%.
  • Significant Value-Adds.  Value-adds are benefits that my clients receive from me at no additional charge.  There are two main value-adds.

    1. Qualified Referrals.  The referrals that I give my clients are ones where the contact from the person referred is expected and welcomed.  It takes me anywhere from 10-15 minutes to more than an hour to find a referral, qualify it, make the connection, and follow up.  I do not charge clients for the time I spend on giving them referrals.

    2. Practical Training.  I accompany clients to selected business meetings, whether one-on-ones or events such as chamber mixers.  My client and I observe each other in our interactions with others and then debrief on what happened and on how well our agendas were executed.  I do not charge clients for the time I spend with them at these meetings.
  • Business Writing.  My writing is economical, to-the-point, and effective.  I have written successful federal grant applications; business plans that have been funded or used in merger negotiations; and Investment Marketing Memoranda that have introduced private investors to early-stage companies.  I have also assisted clients in drafting the text for many smaller projects, including proposals, web sites, brochures, video scripts, and other marketing materials.


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