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In most professional service industries, providers are a commodity.  Often it is difficult, if not impossible, to tell the businesses apart—difficult to tell, for example, one attorney from another, one bookkeeper from another or one IT consultant from another.

So, prospective clients tend to choose based on price or on extraneous factors such as location.  Firms that want to stand out from the competition need to differentiate themselves throughout their practices, from their service line to their customer service program to how they market their firm.


When using the BizBuilder System™ to show clients how to develop and maintain their referral network, I often work with them on closely related business issues.  This attention is required because it would be self-defeating to bring in more clients, if the practice were unable to serve them efficiently.  Planning, operations, and writing are three areas where I assist clients in preparing for and accommodating growth.  This approach keeps clients focused and on track.

Business Planning.  Planning plays a key role, since resources are deployed over time along the path the practice is taking.  A plan may be limited, such as a schedule of tasks for hiring new staff over the next few months, or it may be more extended, as, for example, a Marketing Communications Plan for the next year.

Operations Consulting.  Revenue growth cannot occur without reliable, efficient, and scaleable business processes.  They determine, for example, how new and existing customer accounts are handled, how work flows in the office, how information systems integrate with management of the practice, and how equipment and supplies are tracked.  These processes all need to be identified, analyzed, assessed, and, in certain cases, documented so that it is clear what happens, in which sequence and who is responsible.

Business Writing.  All professionals need to write, but not all write effectively.  Writing skills come into play on a regular basis in business.  It may be a major project such as a proposal for prospective clients or a response to an RFP.  Or it may be a smaller project such as the text for a speech or a letter. It is critical that a firm’s written materials communicate well not only with the target market, but also with referral partners and other business associates.


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