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Few people in business have the skills needed to write well.  But trying to develop those skills is well worth the effort.  That’s because in learning to write well, we clarify our thinking.  Another reason is that, if we learn to write well, our speech will improve too.  So what we say will be taken more seriously, for example, in negotiations, in proposal presentations, and whenever we need to tell someone about our practices.


The articles that connect to this page have been written by me, based on my experience in working with clients.  In my 13 years running my own business consulting firms, I have seen from close-to how professionals deal with the challenges that every business owner faces.  My presentations at speaking engagements and my writings draw on this experience to bring to small professional firms a practical perspective that will enable them to understand better what needs to be done to be successful in business.

Case Study, How a Sales Problem Was Solved with Strategy examines the situation of one professional service provider, an interior design firm.  It describes how, in a period of just four months, the firm increased its close rate by over 450% and got itself moving on an upward trajectory.

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White Paper, Strategic Marketing: The Foundation for Successful Tactical Marketing, explains in general how strategy connects with tactics.  Small professional firms may think that working on strategic issues means long, off-site planning sessions that are really only suited to large companies.  But working on strategy need not be so grand.  I have designed the tools and techniques in this strategic process for smaller firms so that they, too, can get the critical benefits that come from thinking hard about their businesses.

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