Venture Builders, Inc

Why the name “Venture Builder”? Because, in working with professional firms that are just starting out (new ventures) or that are already established, but looking to move to the next level (venturing into new territory), I operate much like a general contractor. I lay a solid foundation—and go up from there.



Venture Builder was founded in 2001. The firm’s primary driver is to deliver value in every encounter, whether for clients, referral partners, or other business associates.

The mission of Venture Builder is to create and grow enterprise value for clients, so that when it comes time to sell their business, the buyer will pay a premium.

John Rodolff, PRESIDENT

I have been in the business world for more than 25 years. As an independent business consultant, I’ve been running my own companies since 1996. Prior to founding Venture Builder, I was the Managing Partner of another business consulting firm that helped small and start-up companies grow top-line revenue. Before becoming an entrepreneur, I worked for ten years at a large enterprise—$240 million in revenue at the time—where my chief responsibilities were business planning and strategic positioning for major business units.

WHY CHOOSE Venture Builder?

Forward-looking professionals understand the benefits of having a business consultant support them in growing their practices. If you are serious about growing your practice, able to take advice, and willing to work hard, we are a good fit. I have developed multiple competitive advantages that set me apart from all other consultants.

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Fiduciary duty lies at the heart of my practice. This principle, and its consequences, guide me all my interactions with clients. Consequently, they can have full confidence that I am working for their benefit alone and for the greater success of their companies.

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